Jorge Velasco Navarro’s  works are included in various institutions, luxury hotels and resorts, public and private fine art collections and aclaimed by the spanish elite, most notably: ex Prime Minister of Spain Jose Maria Aznar, Mayor of Madrid Ana María Botella Serrano , composer and singer Luis Cobos , singer Alejandro Sanz, businessman and politician Jesus Gill, arhitect Jesus Bernaldo de Quiros, renowned billionaire and art colectionist Juan Abello and more..

After more than 3 decades of artistic career he produced hundreds of original paintings and sold more than 20.000 replicas under 3 trademark signatures : Corelli, Altamira, Navarro. ( The Velasco signature in only found on the original and most exquisite oil on canvas paintings )

Artistic aproach
His continuous desire to investigate and experiment new art technics and emotions has made him an artist without a narrow, singular artistic language ,but rather an unconventional
artist with a spontaneos, gumtious and boundless imagination with a keen reflection on how this contemporary painter is shaped by memories, desires and passion.

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Our advantages

30 Years of Excelence

Jorge Velasco Navarro becomes an established spanish artist after participating in more than a dozen exhibitions in different art galleries in Spain, Italy,United States of America. His works are aclaimed by the Spanish Elite, most notably: ex Prime Minister of Spain Jose Maria Aznar, Mayor of Madrid Ana María Botella Serrano , composer and singer Luis Cobos , singer Alejandro Sanz, businessman and politician Jesus Gill, arhitect Jesus Bernaldo de Quiros, renowned billionaire and art colectionist Juan Abello and more..

Trademark signatures

After more than 3 decades of artistic career, Jorge Velasco Navarro produced hundreds of original paintings and sold more than 20.000 replicas under 3 trademark signatures : Corelli, Altamira, Navarro .

J. Velasco and Velasco are the signitures and trademarks used only on the original and most exquisite oil on canvas paintings.

Try before you buy programme

Buying expensive art can be an overwhelming commitment for some of us. With this in mind we have provided the Rent or Buy programme. If you are a EU citizen you can rent a Jorge Velasco Navarro painting for as long as you like with the posibility of buying it. For first time buyers, navigating the art world can often be a daunting and risky endeavor. But now art lovers have a new way to hang original art in their homes, thanks to our “try before you buy” art rental program.


After a deposit of 40% of the selling price and as little as 40 euros per month, members can choose from a wide selection artwork and rent it from the their computer. If a user later chooses to buy the piece, any rental fees paid up to that point are deducted from the total cost of the piece.Or, if they decide it’s not for them, they can always send the piece back and choose something new. If you are interested in this service, contact us at office@velascoart.com

Certification of Authenticity

Every Jorge Velasco Navarro painting comes with a Certification of Authenticity ( see model ) and each artwork is protected by Spanish and International law against copycats. If you have found a Jorge Velasco Navarro that seems to be a copycat, please contact us at office@velascoart.com and we will that imediat action.

Lost your Certificate of Authenticity ?

If you have lost your Certificate of Authenticity, we will provide for you a new one for free after authentification

What our Clients Say

After I can see you continue to produce exceptional paintings. I wish you the greatest succes!

We will organize your visit at the Manclia Palace (The Presidential Palace)

José Maria Aznar Prime Minister of Spain
José Maria Aznar

I was very happy to receive the news of your wxposition in January 2011.

You can be sure I will acompany you there.

I thank you for sharing with us your sensibility and artistic experience.

Ana Botella Mayor of Madrid
Ana Botella

I thank you very much for the congratulation letter for my birthday and for the attention you give to my wife, which told me to tank you on her behalf.

I hope that in the near future we will have the opportunity to great ourselves in person.

José María Aznar Prime Minister of Spain
José María Aznar