Early Life

Jorge VelaVelasco Jsco Navarro, was born in Madrid on 11 January, 1971, in a numerous family, fortunate about the economic circumstances of its time, the son of Teresa Navarro Valero, designer and entrepreneur and founder of the textile brand in 1955 with the same name and father Francisco Velasco Rodriguez, also a businessman, painter and writer .

Despite the opportunity of taking over the family’s succesful textile business , from an early age the young and promising artist was deeply attracted by handling pencils and paints more than anything.

During his childhood he was very loved and appreciated by his teachers for his great artistic gift and its fabulous imagination and artistic expressionism.

One by one, every year  the young painter’s works aroused the surprise and admiration of his art teachers and drawing classes.

In the Madrid neighborhoods of Alameda de Osuna, Hortaleza and Ciudad Lineal he had the opportunity to compete at the school level, grow as an artist, develop new skills which won him a great deal of recognition and rewards, as the young artist was most of the times the favorite choise of the critics.

The growing dedication of this “boy genius” was rewarded. He had acquired a very significantan and special way to treat the most diverse art concepts, shapes, textures and technical colors skills.


Upon graduation 18 years, he held his first exhibition in 1989 for the City of Madrid where he enjoyed very good reviews.

At this time the promising artist started to work on various art projects and worked alongside his brother, the versatile artist, Josechu Navarro Velasco, on several occasions.

In 1993, Jorge Velasco Navarro was awarded the prestigious “Diploma of Honor of Fine Arts Ayuntamiento de Madrid “, while working at his art colections which were sold in prestigious galeries, most notably the ones in Madrid ( Spain ), Miami (United Stetes of America) and Florence ( Italy).

The painter Jorge Velasco Navarro has had a succession of academy courses and experiences through Europe and the US (Miami Florida), but personal courage and self discovery dictated that his own intentionality will never abandon him in his continuous journey of self descovery and the search of artistic perfection.

During his youth years the still growing artist opened his heart to the sensitivity and love that are signature traits and valued caracteristics found in his early works and remarkably his continuous desire to investigate and experiment new art technics and emotions has made him an artist without a narrow, singular artistic language ,but rather an artist with a spontaneos, gumtious and boundless imagination with a keen reflection on how this contemporary painter is shaped by memories, desires and passion.

In 1996 he founded the spanish ”SuperArte Galeries” and the famous pictorial company Cuadros Velasco S.L. best known as the “The Artists Factory from Madrid” where he employed and trained 18 artists of different nationalities, most notably Roger Omaita and Manuel Correa

Under his tutelage and guidelines the “The Artists Factory” grew rapidly and can pride itself with beautifully decorateing thousands of living spaces for all audiences.

In more than 3 decades of artistic work the artist produced hundreds of paintings and sold more than 20.000 replicas under 3 trademark signatures : Corelli, AltamiraNavarro,  the personal signature J. Velasco andVelasco beeing used only on the originals and most exquisite oil on canvas paintings.

After a lifetime of artist achivements and gaining international recognition for the work developed in  “The Artists Factory”  Jorge Velasco Navarro was at the top of his artistic career.

After the tragic death of his beloved father and being more than satisfied about his economic well being, from 2011 the artist was begun a intimate pictorial research, returned to a semi-redired life style, enjoying yachting and the marvelous view of the Mediteranian Sea from his Costa Blanca Villa.


Velasco J2Jorge Velasco Navarro becomes an established spanish artist after participating in more than a dozen exhibitions in different art galleries in Madrid and District Boards, his works being aclaimed by the Spanish Elite, most notably: ex Prime Minister of Spain Jose Maria Aznar, Mayor of Madrid Ana María Botella Serrano ,composer and singer Luis Cobos , singer Alejandro Sanz, businessman and politician Jesus Gill, arhitect Jesus Bernaldo de Quiros, renowned billionaire and art colectionist Juan Abello and more.

His works are included in various luxury hotels and resorts, various institutions, public and private fine art collections.

Going into its third decade of painting, human and existential questions made him have moments of deep reflection, which made his art work grew,change and mature alongside with him, This is seen in the shapes, style, colours and the artistic themes of his later works.


  • 1989, Exhibition Jorge Velasco Navarro, living Gardens, City of Madrid
  • 1991, Oil paintings, Jorge Velasco Navarro, exhibit entitled Contrasts in the Exhibition Hall of the Cultural Center José de Espronceda, Almansa, Madrid
  • 1993, Exhibition of paintings and sculptures by the brothers J. Velasco, Exhibition Hall of the Cultural Center San Juan Bautista, San Nemesio, S / N. Madrid.
  • 1993, Exhibition of Contemporary Painting J. Velasco, Tetuan Cultural Center. C / Bravo Murillo, 251, Madrid.
  • 1993, Jorge Velasco Navarro exhibition at the Cultural Center “El Torito”. Avda. De Moratalaz, S / N. Madrid.
  • 1993, Contrmporánea and Painting Exhibition “Collages” by Jorge and Jose Velasco, the Bohemians 1 Cultural Center, Madrid
  • 1993 Exhibition of Artists of the Future (Art Collage) J. Velasco Brothers in the Huerta de la Salud I Cultural Center, C / Mar de las Antillas, S / N. Madrid.
  • 1994, Scuplture “Female Silhouette” sold at art auctions, Duran House, Calle Serrano 12-1 ^, Madrid
  • 1995-2008 Exposed outside Spain, among the most important exhibitions of the artist Jorge Velasco Navarro, include Miami (Florida) USA and Florence Italy
  • 2009 Exhibition Jorge Velasco Navarro, in Excellence Fair, at the Castle of Peralada, Carrer Sant Antoni, 0, 17491 Peralada, Girona
  • 2010- Expocision Jorge Velasco Navarro, the Sala Buddha, Ctra. De La Coruna, Km8,700, 28023 Madrid
  • 2010- Exhibition entitled “Verso Est” Jorge Velasco Navarro, in Artebar La Latina, C / S. Bruno 3 Madrid.

Retrospective Exhibition :

  • 2011 Jorge Velasco Navarro, entitled: Flash of Genius (Destellos de Genio), Exhibition Hall of the District of Retiro, Av Ciudad de Barcelona.. 162, Madrid.


Among his best known works are:

  • 1989 Christ,
  • 1990 The Suit
  • 1991 The Warrior
  • 1992 Shoes Bonito
  • 1993 Lady with Dog
  • 1995 El Asadero
  • 1996 La Carbonera
  • 1998 Dragonflies
  • 2000 Cascorro
  • 2001 Windmills
  • 2005 Broom
  • 2006 Volumes
  • 2007 Ojos de Torro
  • 2009 Volumes and Lands
  • 2011 Depression, Menina
  • 2012-2013 Cubist Portraits
  • 2014-2015 Between Mirrors, Inspiration